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My time at nab -


Thanks for taking the time to look through my portfolio! Regrettably, I'm unable to share specific details about recent projects until the digital experiences launch publicly due to NDA. As a business analyst, I worked closely with senior UX designers, product owners, solution architects, and developers to create digital experiences for both NAB bankers and customers.

  • Navigating trade-offs. There are often times where we'll need to deal with conflicting interests between design principles, technical constraints, MVPs and business goals. I found that collaboration, empathy and being open to making trade-offs are crucial for alignment with the people we work with.
  • Collaborate with technical teams early. Working with legacy systems, I developed an appreciation for collaborating with solution architects and developers early to not only understand technical constraints, but also co-create solutions. This reduces the chances of design rework and major modifications later on in the development stage.
  • Minimum viable products. In the context of software development, I learnt alot about minimum viable products and prioritising features based on their business value and impact, especially with time constraints.
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